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Is it Time to Replace Your A/C?

After years of service, your Southern Saskatchewan home's air conditioner will require more and more repair. At a certain point, repair costs will begin to outway the benefit. The team at Holm HVAC wants to educate our customers on their options at this point as system replacements can be costly - but old inefficient equipment will run up cooling costs too.

When you reach these crossroads, we will walk you through replacement options. We carry AirEase air conditioners, and with a full line-up of efficiency and feature levels, they have an A/C system to meet any budget and lifestyle.

  • Over 15 Years of A/C Repair Experience
  • Serving 100km Around Pense, SK
  • Honesty, Integrity & Your Comfort are Our Highest Priorities
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A/C Replacement Steps

Check on these items below to see if you can solve your A/C issue!

  • To properly replace your A/C, there are four basic steps
  • Careful evaluation and removal of existing air conditioner
  • Installation of your new A/C
  • Installation or re-programming of your existing thermostat to pair with your new system
  • Final system check and startup test followed by maintenance suggestions for peak performance

New Construction Installations

Are you building a new home? The installation team at Holm HVAC is ready to design you an air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable summer after summer for years to come. We have the experience to appropriately size your system to cool your home efficiently and reliably.

Holm HVAC carries AirEase air conditioners for new installations and replacements. AirEase has a wide array of A/C units - you can hand-pick the system that meets your lifestyle and budget!

  • Properly size your home to the correct unit output for maximum efficiency
  • Design A/C system around sizing parameters with choice of furnace or air handler with a coil
  • Prepare home with ducting and base for air conditioner installation
  • Install A/C in place and complete connection of the system
  • Final system check and diagnostic run to ensure proper installation

After We complete your new air conditioner system installation, we will go over maintenance suggested by the manufacturer and our maintenance plan options to keep your system running as reliably and efficiently as possible.

A/C Repair in Southern Saskatchewan is a call away with Holm HVAC !

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About Holm HVAC

Holm HVAC is your local Southern Saskatchewan HVAC and water heating expert. Located in Pense, SK, our service area covers a wide radius - so if you're within 100KM give us a call for service!

Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our business, and we intend to prove it with prompt and professional service that gets it right the first time!

We've Got You Covered

Providing Residential & Commercial Services within 100KM of Pense, SK

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*Industrial Services provided to Southern, SK

Holm HVAC Service Area

We've Got You Covered

Providing Residential & Commercial Services within 100KM of Pense, SK

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*Industrial Services provided to Southern, SK

Over 15 years of experience

Licensed & Bonded Gas Contractor

Journeyman Refrigeration Technician

Licensed Gas Fitter

Expert in Direct Fired Makeup Air Units

Our Featured Line Up of Air Conditioners from AirEase

We carry an array of air conditioning units to fit your budget and lifestyle.

AirEase A/C Installation & Replacement Services

Variable-Capacity Performance

Unlike conventional air conditioners that are either all the way on or all the way off, the Variable-Capacity Inverter-Driven Scroll Compressor adjusts cooling output in small increments like a dimmer switch.

  • Up to 20.0 SEER Efficiency Rating *
  • Comfort Sync® A3 Enabled
  • True Variable-Capacity Cooling
  • ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2022
AirEase A/C Installation & Replacement Services

Two-Stage Performance

With two different cooling output speeds, these exceptional performers offer the ideal balance between smart energy use and serious comfort.

  • Up to 16.0 SEER Efficiency Rating *
  • Pro Series™ Systems
  • Two-Stage Scroll Compressor
  • Comfort Sync® A3 Enabled
AirEase A/C Installation & Replacement Services

Single-Stage Performance

Enjoy consistent, reliable cooling and a home full of refreshing air.

  • Up to 16.0 SEER Efficiency Rating *
  • Single-Stage Compressor
  • Omniguard® Total Corrosion Protection Technology
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • Heavy-Duty Compressor Blanket