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If you need IAQ installation or repair here in Pense, Saskatchewan you need to call Holm HVAC Specialists!

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When people think of their home's comfort systems furnaces, air conditioners, boilers and mini splits often come to mind. But they often forget about an equally important system for maintaining a healthy and comfortable home, indoor air quality. We spend the large majority of our time indoors and we often don't realize how much dust, dander and bacteria we are breathing in on an every day basis. At Holm HVAC Specialists we are indoor air quality system professionals, we service and install humidifier units, HRV systems, UV light cleaners and air filtration units.

Thanks to the increased technology of today's IAQ systems, we're able to help you start breathing clean healthy air inside your living spaces. Call us today to schedule service or get a free quote for your IAQ needs.

IAQ Solutions:

Our qualified technicians at Holm HVAC are your local Pense, SK area indoor air quality experts, below are some of the solutions we utilize in order to fix your home's IAQ challenges:

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  • Air Filtration: Installing a high quality media furnace filter is a solid strategy for reducing dust in your indoor environment. These filters are specially designed to capture lots of debris, including things like dust, dander, pollen, bacteria and smoke.Once installed, you only need to replace the filter every few months, depending on use and size.
  • Electronic Air Cleaners: Electronic Air Cleaners catch far more and smaller airborne particles from the air passing through them and require less maintenance. They do not need replacement filters.
  • Air Purifiers and UV Systems: UV air purifiers work with your HVAC systems ductwork by applying UV light to mitigate airborne contaminants such as mold and bacteria.
  • Humidifiers: Humidifiers provide a healthy level of moisture to the air during the winter months. Evaporative humidifiers or steam humidifiers are great choices based on your needs.
  • Dehumidifiers: For the summer season, or year around in commercial settings, dehumidifiers will remove moisture to help you maintain desired humidity levels.
  • Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs): HRV's provide fresh air as needed to the indoor environment while maintaining system efficiency particularly in newer and better insulated homes.
  • System Controls: We can pair IAQ controls with your HVAC system to monitor air quality and ensure your system operates efficiently and safely.

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Specific IAQ Problems

  • Unpleasant food or pet odors
  • Excessive dust, dander, pet hair that land on furnishings
  • Allergies, runny eye or sniffles caused by dust, pollen, mold and other indoor pollutants
  • Viruses and bacteria that can pose significant health and safety risks
  • Black mold, or other molds and fungi are often hidden dangers and sever property damage
  • Dry winter air with resultant dry eyes, skin and sleep issues
  • Unacceptable summer humidity increasing the risk of mold and mildew
Furnace Repair in Southern Saskatchewan is a call away with Holm HVAC !

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Providing Residential & Commercial Services within 100KM of Pense, SK

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*Industrial Services provided to Southern, SK

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We've Got You Covered

Providing Residential & Commercial Services within 100KM of Pense, SK

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*Industrial Services provided to Southern, SK

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