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If you need gas line service & pipe fitting here in Pense, Saskatchewan you need to call Holm HVAC Specialists!

  • Over 15 Years of Gas Service Experience
  • Serving 100km Around Pense, SK
  • Honesty, Integrity & Your Comfort are Our Highest Priorities

Here at Holm HVAC Specialists we're proud to offer residential and commercial gas services to the residents of Pense, SK. Our highly trained technicians are experts in gas line service, gas piping and pipe fitting. Gas line service is not a DIY home project, this is something to leave to the professionals to ensure your and your families safety. Our gas fitters have experience working in commercial and residential locations, handling all kinds of situations, from new installations to repair work and everything in between. Our gas fitters are certified and go through extensive training to get this certification, so you can be sure that you are always working with a professional.

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Leave Gas Service and Fitting to the Pro's

The reason you should hire a gas technician is pretty simple: gas is extremely dangerous to handle, and it can be catastrophic if done wrong. A gas technician should be the only one who handles gas fitting services like gas line repair and gas appliance installation.

Gas line services for a home are best provided by a natural gas plumber or gas fitter. Our gas line specialists are extremely equipped and qualified, and they possess years of top-level experience. They are licensed, bonded, and insured through the state, and they will do the work necessary to make sure that your gas line services are handled with the utmost care.

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Holm HVAC Specialists: Gas Line Safety and Experience

Holm HVAC Specialists is properly licensed and insured for the installation, repair, and replacement of natural gas and propane piping systems. We have the experience needed to properly size and install new gas systems, or repair existing gas piping.

  • Flexible stainless steel piping systems
  • Copper gas lines
  • Large and small black iron gas piping systems
  • Installations for gas stoves, fireplaces, and dryers
  • Natural or propane supplies for exterior gas fireplaces and grills
  • Proper gas line system grounding and bonding
Gas Service in Southern Saskatchewan is a call away with Holm HVAC !

We've Got You Covered

Providing Residential & Commercial Services within 100KM of Pense, SK

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*Industrial Services provided to Southern, SK

Holm HVAC Service Area

We've Got You Covered

Providing Residential & Commercial Services within 100KM of Pense, SK

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*Industrial Services provided to Southern, SK

Over 15 years of experience

Licensed & Bonded Gas Contractor

Journeyman Refrigeration Technician

Licensed Gas Fitter

Expert in Direct Fired Makeup Air Units

Natural Gas Piping Service

Holm HVAC Specialists technicians are licensed natural gas pipe fitters. If you need gas piping service for new appliances in your kitchen or laundry room, or for decorative gas appliances like fire-pits or fireplaces, we're here to help. Don't compromise your own safety! Leave gas line and gas piping work to the professionals.

Gas line service in Southern Saskatchewan is a call away with Holm HVAC !

About Holm HVAC Specialist, Inc.

Locally Owned: Holm HVAC Specialist, Inc. is owned and operated by by Kris Holmberg.

We're a Allied™ Authorized Contractor. It takes extensive training to keeping current industry licenses and insurance to be an Allied™ contractor, and Holm HVAC Specialist, Inc. is committed to our trade in every way.

Licensed and Insured: We are licensed, certified and insured to operate throughout the Provence of Saskatchewan. We specializing in system design, installation, repair and maintenance of heating and cooling equipment for residential and commercial customers.

Better Business Bureau: We are more than proud of our great rating with the Saskatchewan BBB